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Hallo Obersachse, en welkom op de Nederlandstalige Wikipedia!
Vlag van het Verenigd Koninkrijk Welcome message in English

Hartelijk dank voor je belangstelling voor Wikipedia! We werken hier aan het ideaal van een vrij beschikbare, vrij bewerkbare, volledige en neutrale gemeenschapsencyclopedie. We waarderen het enorm als ook jij hieraan wilt bijdragen!

De Nederlandstalige Wikipedia is sinds 19 juni 2001 online en telt inmiddels 2.102.594 artikelen. In de loop van de jaren zijn er voor het schrijven of bewerken van artikelen en voor de onderlinge samenwerking een aantal uitgangspunten en richtlijnen geformuleerd. Neem die als nieuwkomer ter harte. Lees ook eerst even de informatie in dit venster voordat je aan de slag gaat. Geen van de richtlijnen heeft kracht van wet, want Wikipedia is en blijft vóór alles vrij bewerkbaar, maar een beetje houvast voordat je in het diepe springt kan nooit kwaad.

Signature button.pngDeze pagina, die nu op je scherm staat, is trouwens je persoonlijke overlegpagina, de plaats waar je berichten van andere Wikipedianen ontvangt en ze kunt beantwoorden. Iedere gebruiker heeft zo'n pagina. Wil je een nieuw overleg met iemand anders beginnen, dan kan dat dus op zijn of haar overlegpagina. Sluit je bijdragen op overlegpagina's altijd af met vier tildes, dus zo: ~~~~. Een druk op de handtekeningknop (zie afbeelding) heeft hetzelfde effect: je bericht wordt automatisch ondertekend met je gebruikersnaam en de datum en tijd waarop je je boodschap voltooide. Versturen doe je met de knop "Wijzigingen publiceren".

I reverted some of your changes (e.g. Sjabloon:Positiekaart Suriname) since the red dot disappeared from the maps. Michiel1972 5 mei 2007 18:27 (CEST)


Hi, while still waiting for bot status, please throttle your bot at max 1 edit / 30 seconds, per local policy. Thanks. Niels? 9 jan 2009 21:48 (CET)

Okay, I did it. --Obersachse 9 jan 2009 21:51 (CET)


Hello Obersachse, You have got your botflag some minutes ago by a bureaucrat on the project. If you have any questions or need any help, just ask me (like on my talkpage). I am one of three users who do most of the template-things on nl-wiki. I noticed you picked up the way of sorting (behind the pipe): thanks!! Greetings - Romaine (overleg) 9 jan 2009 23:25 (CET)

Okay, thanks. I'll know. --Obersachse 9 jan 2009 23:26 (CET)

Herbst interwikiBewerken

Dear Obersachse,

Your bot keeps removing a correct interwiki to German Wikipedia on an article. It's the article Herbst, and the iw is [[:de:Herbst (Familienname). See the article history for both changes. Could you please find a way to prevent these incorrect changes? Thanks!

Kind regards, Erik'80 · 10 jul 2009 16:07 (CEST)

I added a disambig template to the german article. Now the bot shouldn't remove the link. --Obersachse 10 jul 2009 19:05 (CEST)

Verwijderingsnominatie Sjabloon:Infobox knoopBewerken

Beste Obersachse, één of meerdere pagina's die u hebt gestart zijn genomineerd voor verwijdering. Dit betekent dat iemand het artikel op dit moment niet geschikt acht voor Wikipedia. Het gaat om Sjabloon:Infobox knoop. De reden hiervoor staat op Wikipedia:Te verwijderen pagina's/Toegevoegd 20090806 en dat is ook de plek waar u kunt reageren op de verwijderingsnominatie. Wellicht hebt u er iets aan om de conventies door te lezen; daar kunt u zien hoe een artikel er uit hoort te zien. Aangezien dit bericht automatisch is geplaatst, heeft het geen zin hier te reageren. Als u vragen hebt, kunt u die stellen aan de helpdesk. --E85Bot 7 aug 2009 02:13 (CEST)

Hello ObersachseBewerken

Your bot is adding the wrong interwiki's to the wrong templates. Please stop your bot immediately to add those interwiki's, or I will be forced to block the bot. I know that your bot interprets the interwiki's on other projects, but that is no reason for letting your bot go on with it. So, my request, stop with adding interwiki's to random templates, because they are mostly wrong. Greetings - Romaine (overleg) 2 dec 2009 22:57 (CET)

I am sorry to inform you that I have requested a block for your bot. After you said your bot stopped adding interwiki's it continued with doing the same wrong additions. This isn't the first time, but the fourth time in my memory that this happens. We do not like it to solve your bot-problems while you have been warned. Greetings - Romaine (overleg) 7 dec 2009 01:12 (CET)
Didn't you see, that I was fixing that Sjabloon:ISR/Sjabloon:IL stuff? --Obersachse 7 dec 2009 19:39 (CET)
One fix and 25 wrong ones at the same time, creates more problems than solutions. :-( Romaine (overleg) 7 dec 2009 21:15 (CET)
Will be continued. --Obersachse 7 dec 2009 21:52 (CET)
And again four wrong ones: one, two, three and four. How long you think you can keep going on with your both like this? Romaine (overleg) 8 dec 2009 23:39 (CET)
Sorry, but it will last so long, as no one solves the conflict. Reverting the bot edits doesn't help, because it is only the first of two necessary steps. One possible solution is the nobots template at that pages, but the better one is to fix the interwikilink in one of the "big ten" languages. This would cause an interwikiconflict and the bot (every bot, not only mine) will ask its master which variant to choose. --Obersachse 9 dec 2009 19:58 (CET)
All the other bots keep being away from the templates because their botlanguage doesnt work proparly. And your bot continues doing the wrong things. YOU are responsibly for what your bot is doing. You have a choose: you stop your bot yourself, or a sysop will block it. Greetings - Romaine (overleg) 9 dec 2009 20:07 (CET)
Of course it's much easyer to block than to solve the problem. You have a strange feeling of cooperation. Thank You very much! --Obersachse 9 dec 2009 20:31 (CET)
All four fixed within some minutes. Little effort. Not much more than to revert my bots edits and not to solve the problem. --Obersachse 9 dec 2009 20:39 (CET)
Hi there, I blocked your bot on this project. Please be aware that adding incorrect interwikis is not helpful or constructive, and gives other users a lot of work. Give me your plan how to prevent this in future, and I will immediately remove the block. Best regards, Woudloper overleg 9 dec 2009 20:29 (CET)
Did You read what I said above? It is a problem independent of my bot. I showed a way to solve it and I'm working on it. For my great regret Romaine prefers not to cooperate but to revert bot edits. --Obersachse 9 dec 2009 20:34 (CET)
I remove the interwiki's of the wrong templates, and I do not have an interwikibot to do that. That is what you can do. Last solving added to 25 templates wrong interwiki's while you fixed one. The request was to stop your bot, you do not cooperate by doing that, no, you just continued working with the bot in the template namespace at random, while you were already informed that that causes mistakes and adds problems. For my great regret your bot kept still adding the wrong interwiki's to templates while you were asked to stop with that in the way you did. It seemed my question was to difficult. Sorry, that isn't cooperation on this wiki. Greetings - Romaine (overleg) 9 dec 2009 20:43 (CET)
Cooperation is another thing. Seeing, that the bot adds the wrong interwikis to Sjabloon:PLE you may take them and add to Sjabloon:PS. So did I. That's all. Problem solved. Solved forever. What you seems to prefer is to revert bot edits five times and not solve the problem. --Obersachse 9 dec 2009 20:54 (CET)

Sjabloon Positiekaart DrentheBewerken

Deze wijziging bij de positiekaart van Drenthe heb ik teruggedraaid. Het kaartje wordt op dermate veel pagina's gebruikt dat enig overleg op zijn plaats is. Overleg via Wikipedia:De Nulmeridiaan#Positiekaartjes Nederlandse provincies. Hanhil 18 sep 2010 16:16 (CEST)

Okay. I'll update only in other Wikipedias then. --Obersachse 18 sep 2010 16:17 (CEST)
The maps you used on Dutch provinces do not comply with the minimal requirements set on nl-wiki. Also the choice of the maps has been discussed, and the community wants the maps you removed. I consider it very strange that some outsider thinks that he can just change the maps without asking the community itself... Romaine (overleg) 18 sep 2010 20:43 (CEST)
I tried to unify location maps. Other language wikipedias didn't have any objections. But okay, if you don't like them - revert my edits. And please assume good faith. --Obersachse 22 sep 2010 15:45 (CEST)
I don't understand why maps should be unified, I see no goal in that. What other language Wikipedias doesn't matter for whatever project. Each project is for a large part independent and on each project it is the community who makes the decisions how they want things. I didn't question AGF, it is just strange that it is done. Greetings - Romaine (overleg) 23 sep 2010 02:16 (CEST)
So let me give you an exampel. en:Template:Location map India Tamil Nadu first used the file File:Tamil Nadu locator map.svg and now File:India Tamil Nadu location map.svg. The clue of location maps is to show the situation of the object on the map and not all little details of the map. Now the marker is visible much better, isn't it? I wanted to do the same with dutch location map templates, thinking, that you will be happy to have a more sober map that shows only the most important things. But okay, it turned out to be an error. Do you understand my goal now?
What I do here is to help, to import new ideas or good stuff from other wikipedias. I created some useful templates (e.g. Sjabloon:Positiekaart Marshalleilanden, Sjabloon:Positiekaart Nederlandse Antillen, Sjabloon:Positiekaart Brandenburg, Sjabloon:Positiekaart Saksen, Sjabloon:Positiekaart Thüringen, Sjabloon:Positiekaart Hessen, Sjabloon:Positiekaart China Hong Kong, Sjabloon:Positiekaart Spanje Asturië, Sjabloon:Positiekaart Qatar, Sjabloon:Positiekaart Seychellen, Sjabloon:Positiekaart Mauritius, Sjabloon:Positiekaart Marshalleilanden) If you like them - okay. If not - edit or delete. I'm not a great editor here but a little helper. --Obersachse 23 sep 2010 19:17 (CEST)
You're help is fine, my reaction is not meant to be hostile.
Another thing, this went wrong again: [1] Please remove on every other wiki the interwiki to this template. All these templates on other projects should lead to our template Sjabloon:EN. Thanks! Romaine (overleg) 28 sep 2010 03:21 (CEST)
Done, but not in enwiki. The template is locked there. --Obersachse 28 sep 2010 22:32 (CEST)
Thanks! Hopefully it will stay in order now. Greetings - Romaine (overleg) 29 sep 2010 01:54 (CEST)

Homoseksualiteit in Rusland / LGBT rights in RussiaBewerken


Your bot incorrectly deleted the english and french interwikis from the Dutch article Homoseksualiteit in Rusland. I've restored them now, could you please check your bot? Arvey (overleg) 16 aug 2011 13:10 (CEST)

I had to revert your edit (remove the wrong interwikis). They were about a similar, but not the same topic. --Obersachse (overleg) 21 aug 2011 19:46 (CEST)
Have you read the dutch article? It IS about (the history of) gay rights in Russia, even though the topic title is a bit less specific. Arvey (overleg) 22 aug 2011 11:28 (CEST)
But no prob, I've now made an interwiki to en:LGBT_history_in_Russia, which covers more or less the same topic, but from a point of view more similar to the dutch article. Arvey (overleg) 22 aug 2011 11:33 (CEST)
That seems to be a good solution. Thanks. --Obersachse (overleg) 22 aug 2011 22:02 (CEST)

Deletion of categoryBewerken

Hello Obersachse, The category for location maps of Canada will be deleted due it having too little templates in it. Besides for seperate countries and sports we do not allow (new) categories for templates with less than 20 items in it. Greetings - Romaine (overleg) 24 feb 2012 12:18 (CET)

11 isn't enough? I don't think so. Okay, your rules. --Obersachse (overleg) 25 feb 2012 14:22 (CET)
The number is discussed and 20 is the minimum. And please do not use personal remarks if you disagree. Romaine (overleg) 29 feb 2012 13:15 (CET)
??? I don't understand. When and where did I make personal remarks? --Obersachse (overleg) 1 mrt 2012 21:36 (CET)
"Okay, your rules" Romaine (overleg) 4 mrt 2012 00:27 (CET)
It's the second time You didn't assume good faith :-(
I said "Okay, your rules" in the meaning "You have rules and I have to respect them, do I understand them or not." Why are You so hostile to me? Is there any reason for it? --Obersachse (overleg) 4 mrt 2012 12:14 (CET)
Sorry for that. Recently someone said something likewise, because he hadn't participated in the earlier discussion, and really did mean it as bad faith. Also some other negative users on this project do say such things with negative meaning, I think that influences me and others to much. I try to assume good faith, but that is difficult. Sorry for the misinterpretation! Greetings - Romaine (overleg) 4 mrt 2012 15:52 (CET)