Hallo Schaengel89~nlwiki, en welkom op de Nederlandstalige Wikipedia!
Vlag van Verenigd Koninkrijk Welcome message in English

Hartelijk dank voor je belangstelling voor Wikipedia! We werken hier aan het ideaal van een vrij beschikbare, vrij bewerkbare, volledige en neutrale gemeenschapsencyclopedie. We waarderen het enorm als ook jij hieraan wilt bijdragen!

De Nederlandstalige Wikipedia is sinds 19 juni 2001 online en telt inmiddels 2.062.645 artikelen. In de loop van de jaren zijn er voor het schrijven of bewerken van artikelen en voor de onderlinge samenwerking een aantal uitgangspunten en richtlijnen geformuleerd. Neem die als nieuwkomer ter harte. Lees ook eerst even de informatie in dit venster voordat je aan de slag gaat. Geen van de richtlijnen heeft kracht van wet, want Wikipedia is en blijft vóór alles vrij bewerkbaar, maar een beetje houvast voordat je in het diepe springt kan nooit kwaad.

Signature button.pngDeze pagina, die nu op je scherm staat, is trouwens je persoonlijke overlegpagina, de plaats waar je berichten van andere Wikipedianen ontvangt en ze kunt beantwoorden. Iedere gebruiker heeft zo'n pagina. Wil je een nieuw overleg met iemand anders beginnen, dan kan dat dus op zijn of haar overlegpagina. Sluit je bijdragen op overlegpagina's altijd af met vier tildes, dus zo: ~~~~. Een druk op de handtekeningknop (zie afbeelding) heeft hetzelfde effect: je bericht wordt automatisch ondertekend met je gebruikersnaam en de datum en tijd waarop je je boodschap voltooide. Versturen doe je met de knop "Wijzigingen publiceren".

Willkommen hier, und danke für deine Karten-Änderungen. Vielleicht könntest du dich mal anmelden, damit wir dich einfach erkennen können als "richtiger" Benutzer. Steinbach 18 jan 2006 16:28 (CET)


Schaengel89, if you replace a flag on this Dutch Wikipedia by a flag from Commons, could you label the flag from Commons here too, so we can track it? Just go to the image-page here, and label it with {vlag}} (if it's a flag) or {landsvlag|<name of country}} if it's a countryflag. Also, always make sure the images on Commons and on this Wikipedia are the same: there are errors in some flags from Commons. Thanks. --Tuvic 27 jan 2006 13:46 (CET)

Well, why don't you do it, if you want image description pages tagged with {{vlag}}? And if there are really mistakes with the commons' flags, please let me know 'em! Schaengel89 27 jan 2006 13:49 (CET)
I'm already a few days only putting {vlag}} on image-pages :-). It's just a request: if you happen to replace a flag, just tag it, so it can be found. If you don't, ok for me, but then probably someone else will have to do it later. About mistakes: a user here, Gebruiker:Quistnix has put some remarks on Overleg gebruiker:Thuresson. I'll let him know to put the errors through to you also. With regards, --Tuvic 27 jan 2006 13:57 (CET)
Hey, thank you very much! Very nice, really. Schaengel89 27 jan 2006 20:44 (CET)
You're welcome. :-) --Tuvic 28 jan 2006 17:01 (CET)


Thanks for your work in changing imagefilenames to commons. btw, while I was removing the old images I could not find a commons image for Afbeelding:Karte oesterreich gaenserndorf.png. Michiel1972 8 feb 2006 19:08 (CET)

ps. {NC} will not work on nl.wiki, it gives :   Nieuw-Caledonië Michiel1972 8 feb 2006 19:11 (CET)

Ah, okay. I aleady wondered in an image why there was a flag. Well, no problem for my work. I like to do it. If you need maps of Austrian cities in future, please take a look in this category. Schaengel89 8 feb 2006 19:57 (CET)
Unfortunatley, there is still a lack of admins that delete all the hundreds of carts. Schaengel89 8 feb 2006 20:00 (CET)
That's because it's an absolutely boring job. :-) I finished Michiel's work of deleting the images, but kept a few, because the versions on commons and here (NL.wiki) are not the same. It's mostly small differences, but it would be nice if you would take a look at them. Here they are:
Thanks already, and keep up the good work! --Tuvic 8 feb 2006 23:00 (CET)
The reason is, that the source page (http://www.innweb.at/map/) also lists the quartes of those villages. Let's take a look on the cart of Merkendorf (Steiermark): http://www.innweb.at/map/opengeodb.php?q=Merkendorf&=Suche+in+Ortsdatenbank+starten You see, there is one link without brackets and five with brackets which are the quartes. The map I've uploaded to commons is http://www.innweb.at/map/opengeodb.php?id=15994&q=Merkendorf, the map somebody has uploaded to de.wikipedia and the bot reuploaded here is http://www.innweb.at/map/opengeodb.php?id=15997&q=Merkendorf, a map of a town quarter. It is the same procedure with all other maps you've listed. Just trust in me ;-) Schaengel89 9 feb 2006 10:47 (CET)
Oh, I do trust you, but you're also only human :-) I deleted 2 of the above, because the checked out alright with your source, but with Afbeelding:Karte Trautmannsdorf in Oststeiermark.png, there's a difference between the source and your map, even when trying all possibilities. And for the second, Afbeelding:Karte oesterreich gaenserndorf.png, I honestly can't find the map on Commons, even not in the category.--Tuvic 11 feb 2006 22:59 (CET) (sorry if I'm getting annoying :-))
You are right! The map of Gänserndorf hasnot been uploaded until yet. I did a few seconds ago. And the first map, that of Trautmannsdorf: I reuploade it. So everything seems to be okay to me. Best wishes, Schaengel89 12 feb 2006 20:00 (CET)
Ok, thanks. I've deleted them now, together with the images you marked NowCommons this last few days. Thanks for your time and effort. --Tuvic 12 feb 2006 20:39 (CET)
You have my respect! I think I'd never do such a boring work. Schaengel89 12 feb 2006 23:09 (CET)
We try to do our best --Tuvic 13 feb 2006 19:23 (CET)


Schaengel - I just reverted your changes at my sub-pages... I'd rather have a message from you as to why coas should be unlinked, than that you just unlink them, as I am looking into the coas of nl-wiki and commons at the moment. Regards Kamu 26 feb 2006 14:18 (CET)

Just take a look: 5px. This was the old commons-image. The nl.wikipedia-logo Afbeelding:Beninwapen.gif is nearly the same as Afbeelding:Coat of arms of Benin.png, except the size. Why don't just clicking the delete-button? Schaengel89 26 feb 2006 16:14 (CET)


Please do not change the links to the images on Gebruiker:Kamu/Wapens since we are trying to find inconsistencies between the COAs on commons and on nl. There are incorrect images on both of them, and it would be a shame to replace good images for bad ones. Also, we are trying to get an idea of which images are in use, by categorizing them - also the images that are uploaded to Commons. - Quistnix 26 feb 2006 14:41 (CET)

Erm, quistnix, excuse me please, but there aren't any incorrest coats of arms on commons. I really wonder why you (from nl.wikipedia) uploaded those moche images! But that isn't all: You didn't only upload one, NO, you cropped some from en.wikipedia, others from de.wikipedia. Actually, the NowCommons-Category is overcrowd and you keep incorrect images years without deleting 'em. I guess - dont missunderstand me - but you should be lucky there are wikipedians doing this boring work. Regards, Schaengel89
Pardon???? Who do you think you are? Just another arrogant youngster, according to me. Don't reply, I won't waste my time on you anymore - Quistnix 26 feb 2006 17:22 (CET)
I bet that commons has more incorrect images as our Wikipedia. For example Gebruiker:Kamu/Problems#Commons and Overleg_gebruiker:Thuresson#svg-pushing shows that at least a several images from commons are incorrect. So please, at least don't replace any of these coats on the dutch wikipedia. Sincerely Thomas- 26 feb 2006 19:13 (CET)
Instead of mobbing me better clean out Category:Wikipedia:NuCommons Schaengel89 27 feb 2006 11:06 (CET)
The one you have polluted with {nowcommons}'s that shouldn't be nowcommons? that are not the same? Of course, you did with a lot of pics a good job, but it is now a large job to fix every non correct nowcommons :( Effe iets anders 27 feb 2006 19:03 (CET)
@89:Ich bin keine administrator so ich könnte das bilder nicht lösen. Aber du kannst {NuCommons} ( oder {NowCommons}) am Wikipedia:Te_verwijderen_afbeeldingen#Direct_te_verwijderen melden und dan solten das bilder gelösst wurden. Thomas- 28 feb 2006 14:27 (CET)
Nein! Nicht am direct te verwijderen! Dies sind doch allein für die allerschlimste gefallen! Please use the usually list at Wikipedia:Te verwijderen afbeeldingen, under the current date! Do't put it on direct te verwijderen. (Delete immediately) Effe iets anders 28 feb 2006 19:42 (CET)


Hi, Schaengel89

You put nowcommons [1] here. It is not the same. Please pay some more attention. Effe iets anders 26 feb 2006 18:44 (CET)

Exactly what I meant. The image on nl: shows the old coa, which is useful on a page about the coa itself. Don't throw away pictures because of your ignorance! - Quistnix 26 feb 2006 18:48 (CET)
Thought you won't waste you time here anymore. Just kick me off your watch list.... Schaengel89 27 feb 2006 10:53 (CET)

Hi Schaengel89

You put the template {nowcommons} here. It's not the same image. Please check it a little further next time. thanks. Effe iets anders 26 feb 2006 19:25 (CET)

I think [2] these images aren't the same either. Afbeelding:Coaafghanistan.jpg and commons:Image:Afghanistan COA.png. See the difference? Thomas- 26 feb 2006 19:28 (CET)

Hi Schaengel89

You put the template {nowcommons} here. It's not the same image. Please check it a little further next time. thanks. Effe iets anders 26 feb 2006 19:29 (CET)

Hi Schaengel89

You put the template {nowcommons} here. It's not the same image. Please check it a little further next time. thanks. Effe iets anders 26 feb 2006 19:45 (CET)

Hi Schaengel89

You put the template {nowcommons} here. It's not the same image. Please check it a little further next time. thanks. Effe iets anders 26 feb 2006 19:55 (CET)

Hi Schaengel89

You put the template {nowcommons} here. It's not the same image. Please check it a little further next time. thanks. Effe iets anders 26 feb 2006 19:58 (CET)

Ihr seid doch alle krank! Schaengel89 27 feb 2006 10:53 (CET)

Are you now saying we are sick? (in our head?) I think that is out of order. I know it seams a little strange these messages, but i checked the cat of nowcommons images, and proposed the indeed redundant images for deletion, but the persons who placed nowcommons on the images however it is NOT the same, i notified with this massage semi-automaticly. If you check it, it are different images, and not all the same. So please be more carefull with {nocommons}! You give commons a very bad name this way. Effe iets anders 27 feb 2006 17:32 (CET)

Ihr seid doch alle krank! - Addressed to...?Bewerken

Dear Schaengel89, Please be so kind to specify who exactly you wanted to insult here or – even better – stick to arguments only. Although I don’t speak German, I’m still capable of reading it. Kind regards, Dolledre overleg 27 feb 2006 19:28 (CET)


Beste gebruiker, hierbij krijgt u een waarschuwing. Nadere uitleg kunt u onderaan deze waarschuwing vinden.

Wanneer blijkt dat u na deze waarschuwing toch doorgaat met de geconstateerde ongewenste bewerkingen, dan wordt uw account geblokkeerd. Als u dit account enkel gebruikt voor vandalisme, dan zal de blokkade snel en voor onbepaalde tijd zijn. In minder ernstige gevallen kan een blokkade voor korte tijd volgen. Gaat u hierna weer door met de ongewenste bewerkingen, dan volgt, mogelijk zonder nieuwe waarschuwing, een lange blokkade. Als u constructief bij wil gaan dragen aan de encyclopedie, lees dan onze welkomstpagina.

Boils down to: Dear user, hereby you recive a formal warning. In your case, for adding {{nowcommons}} repeatedly after several warnings to look more carefully. And an insult directed to ... (see above) Gerbennn 27 feb 2006 22:00 (CET)

Replacing the wikibooks logo [3] by an incorrect svg. you get a block. Effe iets anders 1 jun 2006 23:56 (CEST) (1 day)

Use of summary fieldBewerken

Please start using the summary field and in there point out what changes you have made to pages. This will ease checking your changes. Thank you for your understanding. Siebrand (overleg) 29 mei 2006 09:32 (CEST)

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