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Goedemorgen, kunt u uw wijzigingen toelichten?
Op mijn scherm zie ik namelijk geen significant verschil tussen \and en \land.
Vriendelijke groet, Bob.v.R (overleg) 27 dec 2018 04:27 (CET)

Heb je de gebruikerspagina gezien en de link naar MediaWiki-Wiki gevolgd? –bdijkstra (overleg) 27 dec 2018 10:14 (CET)
@Bob.v.R: Thank you for taking an interest in the math syntax. You are right, in fact currently there is no difference at all between \and and \land because \and is converted to \land and then passed to MathJax for rendering. If you select Voorkeuren->Uiterlijk->LaTeX-bron you can see the source code. We are planning to remove this conversion as I tried to explain here (more background in German). Your help is appreciated, e.g. Improving the roadmap mw:Extension:Math/Roadmap or maybe just its explanation? Feedback on the inline svg proposal? Join the user group? Support this? Fix some mhchem? Thoughts on restructuring and updating m:Help:Displaying a formula or other outdated copies in various projects...
Vriendelijke groet, Debenben (overleg) 27 dec 2018 14:30 (CET)

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@Debenben: is this bot still running? Recently we discovered a tracking category Pages that use a deprecated format of the chem tags (which is by-the-way not mentioned in Special:TrackingCategories) and we're not sure whether these are supposed to be fixed by this bot or if not, where to even get an accurate list of deprecated syntax. I've checked en:Help:Displaying a formula#Deprecated syntax but to no avail. –bdijkstra (overleg) 17 sep 2019 14:57 (CEST)

@Bdijkstra: Thank you for taking note, I have missed the go-live for the category. Unfortunately fixing chem tags is more complicated than replacing those macros, so we have to fix them manually and unfortunately we do not have complete lists yet. The way we created the lists for the bot is by searching the wiki-code in the database dumps. Everything we were able to fix at the time with the bot is done. Thank you @Physikerwelt:, I have not found time to look at the details but have seen the progress on the math extension recently, maybe you or @Mhchem: can help more.
The way I fixed chem tags is by comparing the rendering here to the test window on the documentation page and finding a workaround that works both with the current broken syntax here and the rendering there. The chem tags are really problematic and the tracking category is just a hint that something could be wrong with some problematic syntax not showing up in the category and other pages showing up even though they render fine.--Debenben (overleg) 18 sep 2019 21:45 (CEST)