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Dedalus 19 mei 2005 14:27 (CEST)

Mr. Firefox recommended me to take an account; I wasn't aware of his message. Thank you for your invitation to Dutch Wikipedia! --Hhst 19 mei 2005 15:21 (CEST)

Masters (golf)Bewerken

Hi, I saw your message about The Masters on my discussionpage. I don't really know much about sportterms so I don't know why is choosen for Masters (golf) instead of The Masters (golf) But I think the name the article has now (Masters (golf)) is the name it will be in the Dutch Wikipedia, so interwiki's should have that name, when talking about The Masters of golf. As you can see on our golfpage, this tournament is the only one described in the Dutch Wikipedia for this moment.

I hope this is the answer to your question, but when it's not clear yet, you can always ask. Firefox Overleg 6 jun 2005 09:46 (CEST)

I see. The Masters is a disambiguation page; Masters (tennis) is the last match of the year, ATP Masters Cup. --Hhst 6 jun 2005 12:14 (CEST)

Margaret Smith(-)CourtBewerken

Hiya, first of all I'd like to say that I think it's very good that you find a way to contribute here even without speaking Dutch. Second, I reset the title of Margaret Smith(-)Court to the version with the hyphen (-), because that's the normal way in Dutch to indicate the names of married women. «Niels» zeg het eens.. 1 apr 2006 04:09 (CEST)

I see. Thank you for explaining Dutch manner (way of calling) to me. (Now I'm planning to catch up with you!! You have 215 tennis players' articles, but we (Japanese WP) have 207 today.) --Hhst 1 apr 2006 04:21 (CEST)

I wanted to see you!Bewerken

Good to see sports fanatics from other countries here to help. Keep it up. FvS | Overleg 1 apr 2006 04:52 (CEST)

Mr. FvS, you approached me? You're the person, I'd love to meet here in Dutch WP!! I know you're a new administrator, too. My best regards too, both as a sports editor and an administrator. --Hhst 1 apr 2006 05:31 (CEST)
Thanks for your message. I think it's a good thing when foreign sports fans get into contact with each other, so we can help each other out. Feel free to ask anything you want to know when you have a question. I will definately contact you when I need information about Japanese related articles. FvS | Overleg 1 apr 2006 05:59 (CEST)
Also fun to see that you already knew me and that you even know something about me. Gebruiker:NielsF will be an administrator soon too though ;) FvS | Overleg 1 apr 2006 06:01 (CEST)

My favorite Wikipedia projects: Sweden, Poland, and Netherlands, 3 countries. I'd love to take time to write details! --Hhst 1 apr 2006 06:05 (CEST)

You are very welcome, maybe you can tell me something about how Shinji Ono is doing since he returned back from Feyenoord to Urawa Red Diamonds ? FvS | Overleg 1 apr 2006 06:18 (CEST)
Sorry! I'm a tennis writer. I don't know football, very little -- I'll try a research, but I'm preparing an Australian tennis legend Norman Brookes now. --Hhst 1 apr 2006 06:26 (CEST)
You've edited new tennis articles of Dutch WP too; That's why I recognized your name. However, so many {{beg}} (substubs) still remain here, like Guillermo Vilas, Kimiko Date (our greatest heroine) and so forth. Can you grow them up? --Hhst 1 apr 2006 06:41 (CEST)
Those definately should be improved, I will see what I can do, as i'm currently working on Gemenebestspelen 2006 subpages. FvS | Overleg 1 apr 2006 07:19 (CEST)
About Kimiko Date, April 28th 1996 was the greatest day for us, Fed Cup victory against Germany. She's included "WTA Tour Historical Profiles" too. --Hhst 1 apr 2006 07:53 (CEST) -- Can I visit Wikipedia:Sportcafé too? --Hhst 1 apr 2006 09:18 (CEST)
Of course you can visit Wikipedia:Sportcafé. I worked on Kimiko Date, I think you will be satisfied now ;) FvS | Overleg 1 apr 2006 10:42 (CEST)

Wow, that's great! Other favorite WP Projects are Poland and Sweden. I've admired a Polish sysop as "my ideal tennis writer". Sweden, the most capable golf writer and a specialist of "historical tennis" are my partners. (I set a new section for you.) --Hhst 1 apr 2006 11:08 (CEST) -- My Polish talk page, quite busy there. --Hhst 1 apr 2006 11:11 (CEST)

Looking pretty busy there, but we're getting somewhere now. Anyways good to see you're also interested in the smaller less known players. Actually they should all be included, the legends, but also a lot more players. My problem is that I like too many different sports to catch up with them all. FvS | Overleg 1 apr 2006 15:16 (CEST)
If you know the results of her finals, I mean the actual scores you can add them if you want, I couldn't find them. Also, is 9th the highest position on WTA rankings ? How about her highest double rankings? Do you know these answers? Thanks, FvS | Overleg 1 apr 2006 15:25 (CEST)

Easy! Her highest ranking was No.4 (November 1995). Where can I place the final scores? [1] Just today, Polish Version (Margaret Smith Court) started to increase. What sort of "April Fool's Day" today, this year 2006, Mr. FvS? (Here in Japan, I have to go to bed, due to 7-hour time lag. I'll try again tomorrow.) --Hhst 1 apr 2006 15:44 (CEST)

Here on the Dutch wiki the 1st 500 people to subscribe can get a 50% on a one-year contract, which of course doens't exist. Thanks for the information about her highest ranking and the link to which I already knew, but never used that specific part. I will add the final scores in the table. Goodnight, FvS | Overleg 1 apr 2006 16:38 (CEST)
One more final question about Kimiko Date, does she have a nickname? FvS | Overleg 1 apr 2006 17:01 (CEST)

Good morning! She was sometimes called "Datekku" inside Japanese colleagues and media, but WTA Tour players simply called her "Kimiko". Not like "Shii-chan" of Shinobu Asagoe. During 1993-1994 when she was breaking to the top, she was called "Rising Sun" -- "Rising shots" were her best. --Hhst 2 apr 2006 05:18 (CEST) -- It was your April Fool's day, that you came across me?? Me, too! --Hhst 2 apr 2006 05:20 (CEST)

Thanks, I added both nicknames in the article. I see you have been working hard on articles today, including one of Brenda Schultz-McCarthy. FvS | Overleg 2 apr 2006 16:43 (CEST)
No! I was the first writer of the world, about Schultz-McCarthy! I added interlinks to Nico Rosberg too (from your contributions). --Hhst 2 apr 2006 21:25 (CEST)

The Masters TournamentBewerken

This week, I may visit Wikipedia:Sportcafé to discuss the name of The Masters Tournament of golf. [2] --Hhst 2 apr 2006 21:25 (CEST)

Haha, OK I'm sorry, I didn't check the dates. How do you like to name the Masters in golf? I read your comments on the other discussion page. Golf isn't a very popular sport over here although it's growing more and more. If you want articles about sports on the Dutch wiki you can add them at Portaal:Sport/Gewenste artikelen sport. Also you can ask for translations from other wiki's into Dutch at Wikipedia:Vertalen naar Nederlands. FvS | Overleg 2 apr 2006 22:15 (CEST)

I've watched Categorie:Golfer on the increase, since Maarten Lafeber appeared. For a long time, Tiger Woods was an "only one golfer" here in Dutch WP. I care the "triple redirect" of the Masters, maybe someone's admin powers necessary for this problem. --Hhst 3 apr 2006 00:04 (CEST)

Hija Hhst, how are you? Question: what do you mean by the "triple redirect" of the Masters? Greets, «Niels» zeg het eens.. 3 apr 2006 00:19 (CEST)
Yes, please take some time to explain how you'd like to see it and I'm positive we can help you out with this problem. FvS | Overleg 3 apr 2006 01:00 (CEST)

That is -- it happened one year ago, April 2005. It was moved three times, The Masters -> The Masters (golf) -> Masters (golf). Currently, The Masters is a redirect page to Masters, a disambiguation page. The Masters (golf) is a redirect to Masters (golf). Quite complicated, that confused me.

This is not "my simple opinion": How can you write Golf Majors in Dutch WP? I'd like to hear opinions of other sports editots. That's why I'll visit Wikipedia:Sportcafé in this "Masters Week". (Other three Golf Majors are still red links. We have to decide these names, too.) --Hhst 3 apr 2006 03:59 (CEST)

I'm not a golf-expert, but I'll try to explain what I think has happened:
I'm not sure whether it's offical policy, but it's at least commonly accepted that usually article names don't include the (or Dutch de, het een). In common speech, mostly, the use of English the as in the Masters is omitted and/or replaced by Dutch de, so this name (Masters) would seem to follow that. The (golf) is added because that's how usually distinctions are made here, by adding a sort of "category" to the article name. When you look at disambig pages here you'll see that this is quite common. I'm sorry if it confuses you, but what you say above about the redirect pages seems logical to me... For the rest, I think that redirects are extremely useful, but I'm not sure what the names should be. Let's discuss this in the sportscafé, that would be better. «Niels» zeg het eens.. 3 apr 2006 04:36 (CEST) (If you want to copy this part of the discussion to the Wikipedia:Sportcafé please do!)
OK here's my point of view. The Masters is the official name of the tournament, so in that way The Masters (golf) should be the article and not Masters (golf) although it's not quite common in the Dutch wiki to add The in front of a name, but in this case I think it should be added, just like in for instance De Kuip where it is necessary as well. The Masters as a redirect to Masters which is a disambiguation page looks good to me, as when someone looks for a Masters tournament in any sport they can type either The Masters or Masters and they will be led to whatever kind of Masters they're looking for. For the other Major toernooien I would reccomend US Open (golf), The Open Championship and PGA Championship as the names to use. Translating these names into a Dutch name doesn't make sense as in the Dutch media they wouldn't say Hoofdtoernooien in het golf, de Amerikaanse open golfkampioenschappen, het open kampioenschap en/of het PGA kampioenschap. FvS | Overleg 3 apr 2006 05:06 (CEST)
Thanks for your explanations! I'll see what I can do in Wikipedia:Sportcafé. --Hhst 3 apr 2006 05:35 (CEST)


Hey Hhst, do you know something about sumo and in particular Akebono? The article was made today and I am sure there's a lot more to tell about him. Thanks, FvS | Overleg 3 apr 2006 16:34 (CEST)

Hmm, I didn't look further... en:Akebono Taro has a lot of information. FvS | Overleg 3 apr 2006 16:36 (CEST)
I'll try to remember my memories on him, Shinji Ono too. I'm very busy to write tennis, but I won't forget promises in my page. --Hhst 4 apr 2006 01:16 (CEST)
Take you're time, it's not in a hurry. I cleaned up the Categorie:Golf today. FvS | Overleg 4 apr 2006 01:58 (CEST)
Great! Articles on Categorie:Golfterm have been marvelous from the earliest period of Dutch WP. How I knew your name for the first time, Mr. FvS, through PGA wereldranglijst last December! --Hhst 4 apr 2006 05:46 (CEST)
Haha, so that's where you know me from, well... I created that page just about 15 days after I joined Wikipedia for the first time. You're right about Categorie:Golfterm, it's quite detailed, I was impressed by the number of articles about golfterms. FvS | Overleg 4 apr 2006 06:26 (CEST)
Tiger Woods' next goal -- 11 Major victories of Walter Hagen. [3] [4] --Hhst 4 apr 2006 08:31 (CEST) -- How fast!! --Hhst 4 apr 2006 21:34 (CEST)
And then suddenly there was an article on the Dutch wikipedia about Walter Hagen ;) FvS | Overleg 4 apr 2006 17:58 (CEST)

Esther VergeerBewerken

Hey Hhst, do you know Esther Vergeer ? She is the best wheelchair tennisplayer in the world. I improved her article yesterday, I wonder wether she's familiar enough for you to write an article in Japanese. FvS | Overleg 7 apr 2006 14:38 (CEST)

Yes, her photograph appeared in Commons. She was a winner of Laureus Sports Academy -- ?? However, Japanese tennis fans are quite unstable. Currently, they're interested only in Martina Hingis and Maria Sjarapova. Nobody can get popularity here, however great they are -- Even Roger Federer can't!! I can't believe it. That's why I need "motivation". Recently, a Polish sysop, Mr. Berasategui is writing Dutch players. See my recent contributions, (+pl:) so many! See Categorie:Nederlands tennisser -- Polish articles are quite substantial! Today, I found a new blue link The Open Championship in my page. You found another good friend, a Canadian user, from the country of your wife?? --Hhst 7 apr 2006 15:14 (CEST) -- Addition: Tom Okker has two marvelous external links there. [5] [6] Can you expand Okker? I'll try his Japanese Version soon after. --Hhst 7 apr 2006 15:33 (CEST)
Esther Vergeer's site is in English, so I bet you can find a lot of information there and you can copy her wins list from here. Things are just going like that, some people are popular others aren't, I think you can't do much about it. But one thing you can do is write an article and some day you might find someone who's interested as well. I noticed a lot of +pl: recently on Dutch tennisplayers, so a big cheer to Berasategui from me. You're right about the Canadian, my partner is from Canada although she's not my wife, but still just my girlfriend. Then finally, I noticed the link The Open Championship as well and even one to the Major tournaments, I thanked Gebruiker:Klever for it on his user page. Okker's article should be improved, I will see what I can do. FvS | Overleg 7 apr 2006 15:39 (CEST) -- I added underline --Hhst 7 apr 2006 23:47 (CEST)
Klever skips Japanese Versions on purpose?? --Hhst 7 apr 2006 15:55 (CEST) -- Most difficult languages for foreign users, Japanese and Polish?? --Hhst 7 apr 2006 20:54 (CEST)
No I don't think he does skip them on purpose. Maybe he isn't familiar with the Japanese signs, me neither but when I add interwiki's and there is a Japanese I will include it. FvS | Overleg 7 apr 2006 16:57 (CEST)
Polish is quite difficult too, but Chinese and Japanese are the most difficult for me because I don't know what te symbols mean. FvS | Overleg 7 apr 2006 22:11 (CEST)
Japanese symbols are much more variable than Chinese. Much worse, most Japanese people are poor at English. --Hhst 7 apr 2006 23:41 (CEST)
The best way to thank Mr. Berasategui -- Research French Open 1994 and the Men's Singles runner-up of Dutch Version!! --Hhst 7 apr 2006 23:56 (CEST)