Die plaatjes die je net hebt toegevogd bevatten wel degelijk een copyright: © 2000-2003 Demis bv. Dienengevolge dat deze zijn genomineerd voor verwijdering. Kijk voordat je nog meer plaatjes toevoegt eens op Wikipedia beleid van afbeeldingen of op de Lijst van openbare bronnen. Ik hoop dat in het vervolg geen illegale plaatjes meer worden toegevoegd. --BigB 31 aug 2005 04:47 (CEST)

Sorry, I don't speak Dutch, but I think I understand what you mean. I have written to Demis, and Poul Grashoff told me they don't claim any copyright to these images. The map images are uploaded to commons.wikipedia.org, so I suppose you should bring this up to discussion there. --LA2 31 aug 2005 06:22 (CEST)
For a background, see also this wikitech-l posting. --LA2 31 aug 2005 06:54 (CEST)


the ISSN links you are creating do not make sense to me, i get only error reports when following them!? please stop and explain first. thx, oscar 10 okt 2007 02:47 (CEST)

I insist that the ISSN template does make sense, not only here, but on all languages of Wikipedia. For example, in this version that you reverted, the ISSN link does lead to useful information about the serial resource. It is a bit sad that the template can only link to one database resource. This has been discussed on wikitech-l and I hope a fix is coming in the near future, that will be similar to how ISBNs work on Wikipedia. Currently the sjabloon:ISSN links to OCLC. You might want to change that to kb.nl, if it improves the usefulness. --LA2 10 okt 2007 02:53 (CEST)
The link does not work. You are creating dead links. GijsvdL 10 okt 2007 02:56 (CEST)
Could you please tell me which link doesn't work? --LA2 10 okt 2007 02:58 (CEST)
when people do mass edits, i expect them to make sure that *all* of them are ok, not just *some*. please make sure what you are doing before trying again. i am open to new ideas, or wouldn't be here, but make sure when changing things on such a large scale that they are ok and work. there is also another problem since these are external links and we do have some strict policies concerning these, are you at all aware of them? oscar 10 okt 2007 02:58 (CEST)
Let me try to explain what I'm doing. An ISSN is a standard number for journals and newspapers, just like an ISBN is for books. These numbers can be looked up in library catalogs to find more information. When I find ISSN 0123-4567 in a citation, I add curly brackets like this: {{ISSN|0123-4567}}. That invokes the sjabloon:ISSN that links to a library catalog (currently Worldcat at OCLC). Exactly what that links to can be changed, if you find a more useful catalog database. I didn't define that template. I didn't decide what it links to. (Although I did add interwiki links to the template, so you can see that it is used on many other languages as well.) As you know, ISBNs are linked without using any templates. We recently discussed this on the talk page to sjabloon:ISBN and I also brought it up on de kroeg, where I asked if there is a better place to discuss citations. Just like when you click from the ISBN/Booksources page to amazon.com or kb.nl, you sometimes get the message that they don't have that book. The same might happen when you click an ISSN link. But just the same, if Worldcat doesn't have that ISSN this week, they might have it next week. It is also possible that the citation was wrong, perhaps the ISSN has a digit wrong. However, if the link leads to an error message or a missing website, that is definitely wrong. Then the template needs to be repaired, but not the citation. Think of it, you don't remove ISBNs from citations just because libraries or bookstores don't list that book. If the ISBN is wrong, you fix the ISBN. --LA2 10 okt 2007 03:13 (CEST)
If you seriously believe that the sjabloon:ISSN is harmful, since you have reverted all my edits where I added it, perhaps you should also remove its use from the following pages: Elegance, Quote, Arzawa, Binnenlands Bestuur, Extra!, Donald Duck (weekblad), Het Vogeljaar (tijdschrift), Folia, Ravage, Pep, La Cadena, OV-magazine, Elsevier (opinieweekblad), Staatsrepubliek Koerdistan, Staatsrepubliek Koerdistan, Staatsrepubliek Koerdistan, Vrij Nederland, Panorama (tijdschrift), De Groene Amsterdammer, Opzij (tijdschrift), Meteorologica, FRET (tijdschrift), Propria Cures, Roet (periodiek), Strobe, Stripschrift, Police Academy, Noachs kat, Ries, HP/De Tijd, Onze Taal, Verkeerskunde (tijdschrift), De Gids (literatuur), De Wekker, Eppo, Holland-SF, Vlag van Australië, Jongeren Esperanto Nieuws, De Revisor (tijdschrift), Expreszo, HebbeZ!, De Piste, Voetbal International, SQueeze, Margriet (tijdschrift), C't, Kampioen (tijdschrift), Kijk, Motor (tijdschrift), Sjors, Okki, Stripnieuws, Haagse Post, De Tijd (Nederland), Intermediair (tijdschrift), Avia Vliegwereld, Op de Rails, Tram van Orléans, Forum Geometricorum, Pythagoras (tijdschrift), Vlinderstichting, Peter Andriesse, Marc van Roosmalen, Italiaanse Oorlog van 1521 - 1526, Oorlog van de Liga van Cognac. --LA2 10 okt 2007 03:17 (CEST)

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