Volkslied van Sint Maarten: verschil tussen versies

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Tekst lied uit 1958: dus auteursrewchtenschending.
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(Tekst lied uit 1958: dus auteursrewchtenschending.)
"'''O Sweet Saint Martin's Land'''" is het nationale [[Volkslied (nationaal symbool)|volkslied]] van [[Sint Maarten (eiland)|Sint-Maarten]]. De volledige versie werd geschreven door de [[Sint-Maarten (Franse Antillen)|Franssprekende]] dominee Gerard Kemps. Het lied werd nadien vertaald in het [[Nederlands]].
== De tekst ==
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| colspan=2 bgcolor="#F06060"|<big><center>'''Originele tekst'''</center></big>
| rowspan=2 width="33%" bgcolor=#a0ffa0| '''Vertaling van''' <br />'''de Franse versie naar het Engels'''
Where over the world, say where,
You find an island there,
So lovely small with nations free
With people French and Dutch
Though talking English much,
As thee Saint Martin in the sea ?
''<u>Chorus</u> :''
O sweet Saint Martin's Land
So bright by beach and strand
With sailors on the sea and harbors free
Where the chains of mountains green
Variously in sunlight sheen
Oh I love thy Paradise,
Nature beauty fairly nice ''(twice)''''
How pretty between all green
Flamboyants beaming gleam
Of flowers red by sunlight set
Thy cows and sheep and goats
In meadows or on the roads
Thy donkeys keen I can't forget
Thy useful birds in white
Their morn and evening flight
Like aircrafts-wings in unity
Their coming down for food
Then turning back to roost
Bring home to me their harmony
Saint Martin I like thy name
In which Columbus fame
And memories of old are closed
For me a great delight
Thy [[Crux|Southern Cross]] the night
May God the Lord protect thy coast!
Trouvez-moi une perle si chère,
comme l'île Saint-Martin en mer,
chaîne de mornes et vallées;
riche de plages bien dorées
qui donnent la paix, donnent le repos
dans ses mornes et toutes ses eaux.
<u>Chœur (refrain)</u> :
''Saint-Martin, Saint-Martin,''
''Si jolie en tous ses coins. (bis)''
Quel charme ses flamboyants,
leur fleurs un enchantement,
tout un bouquet de flammes vives.
Quand le soleil ici arrive,
donnant splendeur, montrant beauté,
Quel éclat de tous cotés.
Sa cime "le Pic Paradis",
ravit les touristes ici,
d'où sa verdure fait merveille;
un panorama sans pareil,
voyant les plaines, voyant la mer,
colorées en bleu et vert.
Le vol de ses pélicans,
gracieux et si élégants
quand ils plannent haut en l'air,
quand ils plongent dans la mer;
Dites-moi l'endroit, où on les voit,
lorsqu'ils fondent sur leur proies
Son nom toujours Saint-Martin
rest'ra dans l'histoire sans fin,
Christophe Colomb l'a découverte,
lui a donné son nom si cher,
Dieu protecteur, Dieu de bonté,
garde-la bien en prospérité !
Find me a pearl so dear,
as the island of St. Martin in the sea,
chain of hills and valleys;
rich golden brown beaches
giving peace, give the rest
in its bleak and all its waters.
''St. Martin, St. Martin,''
''So pretty in all its corners.(repeat)''
What his flamboyant charm,
their enchanting flowers,
a whole bunch of flames.
When the sun comes here,
giving splendor, showing beauty,
What splendor on all sides.
Its top "Pic Paradis",
delights tourists here,
hence its green works wonders;
an unparalleled panorama,
Seeing the plains, seeing the sea,
colored blue and green.
Flight of its pelicans,
graceful and elegant
when they hover high into the air,
when they dive into the sea;
Tell me the place where we see them,
when based on their prey
His name always St. Martin
Will in the never ending story,
[[Christopher Columbus]] discovered it,
gave it its name so dear,
Patron god, God of goodness,
guard it well in prosperity!
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