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::::There was something very extrange: the IP was block until 26 jun 2008 but he could [http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Especial:Contributions/ edit] before the block expired. And I couldn't block him one month because he was blocked; I had to [http://es.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Especial%3ALog&type=&user=Muro+de+Aguas&page=Usuario%3A86.83.155.44&year=&month=-1 unblock and then block him] again. [[Gebruiker:Muro de Aguas|Muro de Aguas]] 23 jun 2008 16:47 (CEST)
:::::Thanks for your actions. Depending on the settings for the language it is possible on Wikipedia for blocked people to keep editing on their own talk page. On the English & Spanish Wikipedia it is made possible to do so; on the Dutch Wikipedia it is not possible. By allowing to edit on their talk page a blocked person can use the [[:es:Plantilla:Desbloquear]] template to argue why they should be unblocked. As for the need to unblock before a new (longer/shorter) block can be set, that's a problem on all Wikipedia's. - [[Gebruiker:Robotje|Robotje]] 23 jun 2008 16:58 (CEST)
::::::That's true... I didn't remember that he can edit his own talk page. [[Gebruiker:Muro de Aguas|Muro de Aguas]] 23 jun 2008 17:07 (CEST)
== Bedankt :( ==