Your botBewerken

Please do *not* remove user pages interwiki's wrongly as you did on the user page of Sonuwe. You f.e. removed the nn-interwiki there while that user *does* have an account there and also has edited there. It his his/her choice to have a user page or not there. Also it is common decency to ask users whether they object or not for a bot to visit their own user space.   MoiraMoira overleg 17 apr 2012 16:20 (CEST)

Removal of correct interwikisBewerken

Please change your bot in such a way that it does not remove correct interwikis as in this case. The links from the Dutch Wikipedia to a chapter in the German and French page are correct. Wouter (overleg) 3 okt 2012 10:22 (CEST)