"Dangerous I" or "danger89", nicknames of M. van den Berg. He started using his nickname since the year 1998. Born in 1989.

Open-source developmentBewerken

Rather than wasting my time to gaming, I activity make contributions to open-source projects around the globe. Or developing my own open-source projects, like LibreWeb.


Dangerous I used to play the games below, sorted by time.

Need for Speed III: Hot PursuitBewerken

It was the first great race game of EA where Dangerous I started gaming.

Soldier Of Fortune II: Double HelixBewerken

A lovely and addicted hardcore Fist-Person-Shooter. It's still one of the best hardcore FPS today. In the past I ran a SoF II game server.

Halo 1: PCBewerken

Who doesn't know this beautiful game. Played it at lot mainly online and especially sniping in the map called Blood Gulch.

Battlefield 2Bewerken

One of the Battlefield series game, I liked to play this version the most. It was just a very good teamwork game.

GTA: San Andreas MultiplayerBewerken

Multiplayer is must nowadays, also in the GTA games. Happily some neat people created it for us. I wait for a new GTA multiplayer game.

Armagetron AdvancedBewerken

It's a unknown game, however after the release of the new film, Tron Legacy, it's again became better known. I played this game often and created my own server called [1], which is now one of the best known servers of Armagetron Advanced game.

Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareBewerken

I used to play Call of Duty 4 the most of the time. I also created a self-hosted game server for quite some years.


I'm fully into open-source gaming under GNU/Linux nowadays. Like the populair 0 A.D. (computerspel) real-time strategy game.

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