Hi there people!

I am Caenwyr, real name not relevant, and a passionate user of Wikipedia ever since at a certain occasion I stumbled upon a very cleverly written article that eventually managed to drag me through my exams. Ever since that day I have shifted from Wiki-loather to Wiki-lover. The former because I used to think wiki-ish initiatives were bound to die a rumourless death once copyright fraud and stuff like that would start to emerge, the latter because I suddenly realized that, a few years after my last (and very little impressed) visit to Wikipedia the thing had not only survived, but also greatly evolved. Wikipedia is now the spearpoint of my new cyber-optimism, along with Google: for some reason I cannot yet explain, it still is possible to do things just because you like them, and to enthusiasm people at a huge scale at the same time. Wikipedia rocks! And whoever thinks differently, can come and explain it to me personally ;).