The Ultimate Collection (The Kinks)

The Kinks

The Ultimate Collection is een verzamelalbum van de Britse rockband The Kinks uit 2002. Het album bevat ook twee solonummers van Dave Davies: Death of a Clown en Susanna's Still Alive.

The Ultimate Collection
Album van The Kinks
Uitgebracht 27 mei 2002
Genre Rock
Label(s) Sanctuary
Producent(en) Shel Talmy, Ray Davies
BBC Sessions 1964-1977
The Ultimate Collection
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Cd 1:

Cd 2:

  • "David Watts"
  • "Stop Your Sobbing"
  • "Dandy"
  • "Mr. Pleasant"
  • "I Gotta Move"
  • "Who'll Be the Next in Line"
  • "I Need You"
  • "Where Have All the Good Times Gone"
  • "Sitting on My Sofa"
  • "A Well Respected Man"
  • "I'm Not Like Everybody Else"
  • "Love Me Till the Sun Shines"
  • "She's Got Everything"
  • "Starstruck"
  • "Shangri-la"
  • "God's Children"
  • "Celluloid Heroes"
  • "(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman"
  • "Do It Again"
  • "Living on a Thin Line"

Opnamen: 1964 t/m 1984.