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* Je kunt alle artikelen die opgelost zijn verwijderen van deze lijst.
* Je kunt een nieuwe categorie voorstellen aan de programmeur van dit script.
== Delete template Bronvermelding_anderstalige_Wikipedia==
Sorry I speak no Dutch and this is obviously not the right place for this comment... Move it where appropriate.
Please delete the template Bronvermelding_anderstalige_Wikipedia.
These are stale Interlanguage links, eg on [[Archimedes]]:
* {{Bronvermelding anderstalige Wikipedia|taal=de|titel=Archimedes|datum=20140414}}
* {{Bronvermelding anderstalige Wikipedia|taal=en|titel=Archimedes|datum=20140414}}
Since Wikidata provides a whole bunch more links on the left, I don't see how these are useful.
They make trouble on DBpedia. Because of this stupid mapping:, Archimedes is declared to be an Article.
I'll remove the mapping and add it to [ ignorelist_nl]
See [ issue 341]