Overleg:Derde generatie gedragstherapie: verschil tussen versies

I don’t like the term ‘third wave’ because it doesn’t convey any information. Instead it seems to suggest that there is a new movement but gives no indication of the differences that exist between the treatments that form this movement. I would not view MCT as part of what I understand to be the third wave therapies (ACT and MBCT) because it does not draw on meditation practices. In fact some aspects of meditation such as increased self-focus, re-directing attention, and the imagery techniques would not be the recommended means of achieving change in MCT.}}
::[http://www.stateofmind.it/2012/05/adrian-wells-metacognitive-therapy/ state of mind 3 mei 2012]
::Toch wordt Adrian Wells als bron gebruikt voor het feit dat metacognitieve therapie tot de derde generatie zou behoren. Dat maakt nog eens duidelijk wat er mis gaatis metaan deze manier van bronnen gebruikenbrongebruik. [[Gebruiker:Vier Tildes|Vier Tildes]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:Vier Tildes|overleg]]) 1 jun 2013 15:00 (CEST)