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Na twintig jaar intensief gebruik was het Centre Pompidou hard aan een opknapbeurt toe. Er waren in de voorafgaande jaren maar liefst 160 miljoen bezoekers geweest en dat had zijn tol aan het gebouw geëist. De renovatie en de interne vernieuwing werd uitgevoerd door de architecten [[Renzo Piano]] en [[Jean-François Bodin]]. Op [[1 januari]] [[2000]] werd het gerenoveerde Centre Pompidou weer voor het publiek geopend.
=== Problems ===
The security of Pompidou treats turists like animals. They use small unclean wooden box to put clean sack in it ... and they say, that if it is too big, you are not allowed to enter. Gros.
The main problem of Centre Georges Pompidou is the quality of Internet and the speed of maintenance some promlems that could be solved in few days. One month ago there was problems with stairs not working for a month, now there is no free access to the computers for people for 2 weeks, there are problems with WiFi on the 2nd,3rd floor under Wifi-Bpi which haven't been solved for many months. If that is been known U can expect, what can U expect from Dali and other improvisations? I'm sure Georges Pompidou weren't thinking that will happen in the future. How can Paris have great technicians when there is no fast access to informations for example at Pompidou?
In the surrounding of Pompidou there are many rakajs that is stealers who go in three or two, provoke and beat and steal everything you have.
We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
The truth is below:
De activiteiten van het Centre Pompidou zijn onder andere: