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Question about license
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(Question about license)
Nou ja, daar kan jij niks aan doen hé! Wat die bot betreft: weet wel dat ik daar niets van weet hé... groetjes :D
==Leefgebied gfdl?==
Hi Jürgen. Sorry for my english, but i don't speak your language. I have tried to read your discussionpage since I do understand a few words, but unfortunately not enough to answer my question - so here goes: Are all your nice maps of animal distributions GFDL? I uploaded [[:Afbeelding:Leefgebied vos.JPG]] to Commons yesterday since it was marked with the GFDL-template, but I would like also to use [[:Afbeelding:Leefgebied wild zwijn.JPG]] and [[:Afbeelding:Leefgebied wolf.JPG]] (and maybee more when I find them) on the danish Wikipedia. Regards [[Gebruiker:Malene|Malene]] 3 nov 2005 08:23 (CET)