Overleg gebruiker:Maurits/Archief9: verschil tussen versies

Hi, Maurits! Can you stop [http://ext.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Prantilla:Casus_gramaticalis&diff=26027&oldid=24801 this type of editions] of MauritsBot at extremaduran Wikipedia? Thanx very much - [[ext:user:El tiu Cancho]] 15 jul 2009 16:40 (CEST)
Hello El tiu Cancho, thanks for your notification. The bot made a wrong decision because there was a wrong interwiki-link to [[:en:Grammatical cases]] (instead of [[:en:Template:Grammatical cases]]) in the article. I fixed it, but my bot cannot access all wikis. The longterm solution would be to expand [[ext:Casus gramaticalis]] (instead of deleting it). Kind regards, --[[Gebruiker:Maurits|Maurits]] 15 jul 2009 17:53 (CEST)