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In the future I'll try to get more translations. Regards, [[Gebruiker:Hugo.arg|Hugo.arg]] 6 jan 2008 16:42 (CET)
:Thanks. {{done}}. You may also want to point users giving you ansers to this type of questions to [[betawiki:|Betawiki]], where they can participate in the translation of the MediaWiki interface. Cheers! [[Overleg gebruiker:Siebrand|Siebrand]] 8 jan 2008 12:16 (CET)
Hi again. One more translation from Chuvash:
'cv': (u'робот ', u'хушрĕ', u'кăларса пăрахрĕ', u'улăштарчĕ'),
and from Latin wikipedia I gave a request to change ''robotum'' to ''bot''.
When I'll write new requests surely give this link to betawiki. By the way, there is any page (in metawiki or betawiki) to write these translations because I don't want to disturb you with every translation :)
Regards, [[Gebruiker:Hugo.arg|Hugo.arg]] 11 jan 2008 21:58 (CET)
== Sjablonen ==