William D. Revelli Composition Contest


De William D. Revelli Composition Contest is een Amerikaanse jaarlijkse compositiecompetitie, opgericht in 1977 door het National Band Association op het gebied van composities voor harmonieorkest, vernoemd Dr. William D. Revelli (1902 - 1994), dirigent van het University of Michigan Bands.


jaar compositie componist
1977 Variations for Band Jerome Sorczek
1978 (geen wedstrijdvorm)
1979 Textures Harry Bulow
1980 Between Worlds Byron Tate
1981 Concerto for Bass Trombone and Band David R. Gillingham
1982 (geen wedstrijdvorm)
1983 Scherzo for a Bitter Moon Gregory Youtz
1984 Concerto for Wind and Percussion Orchestra Arthur Gottschalk
1985 Winds of Nagual Michael Colgrass
1986 (geen wedstrijdvorm)
1987 Apparitions for Symphonic Band Anthony Iannaccone
1988 For Precious Friends Hid in Death's Dateless Night Martin Mailman
1989 Concerto for Piano, Winds and Percussion Gordon Ring
1990 The Adventures of Matinee Concerto Paul Epstein
1991 To Build a Fire Mark Camphouse
1992 Passacaglia (Homage on B-A-C-H) Ron Nelson
1993 The Hounds of Heaven James Syler
1994 Lost in the Fun House Jeffrey Hass
1995 Bum's Rush Donald Grantham
1996 Dreamcatcher Walter Mays
1997 The Drums of Summer Warren Benson
1998 Fantasy Variations Donald Grantham
1999 Southern Harmony Donald Grantham
2000 Restless Birds Before the Dark Moon David Kechley
2001 Escapade Joseph T. Spaniola
2002 Illuminations Dean Roush
2003 Ra! David Dzubay
A Perthshire Majesty Samuel R. Hazo
2004 Illuminations for Solo Trombone and Wind Symphony Joseph Turrin
2005 Music of the Spheres Philip Sparke
2006 Symphony No.2 Frank Ticheli
2007 Radiant Joy Steven Bryant
2008 Suite Dreams Steven Bryant
2009 Aurora Awakes John Mackey
2010 Ecstatic Waters Steven Bryant
2011 Passage Scott Lindroth
Epitaphs Unwritten Kevin Walczyk
2012 The End of the World Michael Schelle
2013 Audivi Media Nocte Oliver Waespi
2014 Affirmation Wayne Oquin
2015 Masks and Machines Paul Dooley
Wine-Dark Sea John Mackey
2016 A Colour Symphony Philip Sparke
2017 Symphony No. 2 "Voices" James Stephenson
2018 Song for Silent Voices Wayne Oquin
2019 Come Sunday Omar Thomas

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