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::::I just queried the database and found >300 unique combinations of entrance nodes and SA based exit nodes. Most entrance nodes are based in SA as well, but can be accessed from anywhere. Only 7 or so were located in another country. That can be explained by a cascade of 3 proxies, i.e. entrance proxy (outside SA) - middle proxy (in SA) - provider proxy.
::::Browsing a bit further through the query results, I also noted that the lifetime of the combinations entrance-exit on the average is rather short. The cause could be that the (zombie) entrance proxy machines are generally switched-off, contrary to the "culture" in other countries where many machines are on during the day. - Rgds [[Gebruiker:RonaldB|RonaldB]] 9 aug 2007 04:11 (CEST)
:::::Hmm, why would the entrance proxy machines be switched-off? --[[Gebruiker:Tarawneh|Tarawneh]] 9 aug 2007 04:34 (CEST)
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