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:Yes, no problem. I made an account on ar:w: with the same nick and e-mail enabled. Suggest we communicate on this further via e-mail. - Rgds Ronald
::Hay RonaldB. Thanks for your efforts on ar.wiki. Alnokta forwarded me the emails. We need to keep in mind that the results found back on [[:ar:ويكيبيديا:Open proxy detection]] are all legitimate, country in-forced proxies. In all Gulf states only two ways to get out; 1- to use a proxy (they claim it is used to protect the users :P ), and 2- to use a VPN service from outside to get a real IP (some gulf states block the providers for auch services). In other Arab countries, things are not that good also, the ISP's force the traffic into a proxy cause they have a few real IPs; imagine an ISP with only 5 or 10 IPs. They simply use proxies to do that, most of them do use open proxies. So we really need to be careful with the open proxy conclusions in the Arab world. :)
::Again thanks for your real hard efforts. The data it self will definitely help us deciding which IPs are proxies, the next step is to figure out which to block and which to keep alive. --[[Gebruiker:Tarawneh|Tarawneh]] 8 aug 2007 17:57 (CEST)
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