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i am have archived the article about the sacking from [[Arie van Lent]] at 1. FC Kleve in his article --[[Gebruiker:HSV4ever|HSV4ever]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:HSV4ever|overleg]]) 30 apr 2020 20:06 (CEST)
:Thank you for the edit HSV4ever, but I'm not sure why you've notified me of this since I haven't edited or created that specific page. Kind regards, {{Gebruiker:AnarchistiCookie/Handtekening}} 30 apr 2020 20:13 (CEST)
::I archived the source (De Gelderlander) in the German Wikipedia (where I am author) and then linked the archived version in the Dutch Wikipedia in the article by Arie van Lent. --[[Gebruiker:HSV4ever|HSV4ever]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:HSV4ever|overleg]]) 30 apr 2020 21:02 (CEST)