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Tony O'Clery
16 minutes ago
"There is, O monks,
an unborn, unoriginated, uncreated, unformed.
Were there not, O monks,
this unborn, unoriginated, uncreated, unformed,
there would be no escape from the world of the born, originated, created, formed. [12]
"Since, O monks,
there is an unborn, unoriginated, uncreated, and unformed,
therefore is there an escape from the born, originated, created, formed." [13]
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Tony O'Clery This is the nearest buddhism can get to ajativada but it still indicates '\something uncreated' which is more similar to the concept of Saguna not Nirguna as nirguna can only be described by what it is not...
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Tony O'Clery reference---
The Gospel of Buddha
The Gospel of the Buddha: Compiled from ancient records by Paul Carus, 1894
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Tony O'Clery This is where the buddhists who have taken it on themselves to wreck my entry on wiki fall down as they cannot grasp ajatiavada.
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