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(Edit for burócratas on Spanish wiki, relating to my SUL rename request on the Spanish Wikipedia)
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{{Notitie|Message for "[[w:es:Wikipedia:Burócratas|burócratas]]" on the spanish Wikipedia. This message is to confirm my [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/SUL SUL rename] request on the Spanish Wikipedia. See [[w:es:Wikipedia:Cambiar_el_nombre_de_usuario|here (ES)]] and [[w:es:Wikipedia:Cambiar_el_nombre_de_usuario/English|here (EN)]]<br />.
''You will need to prove your identity since you are posting from an IP address.<br />One way is to make an edit on the English wiki (or any other wiki you are active on) to your user page<br /> (with your account there), that clearly shows you want an SUL takeover on this wiki, then give a link to that edit. ''}}