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[[Afbeelding:45caliberACP.jpg|thumb|Patronen [[Kaliber (wapen)|kaliber]] .45]]
'''Munitie''' of '''ammunitie''' is de verzamelnaam voor het samenstel van een [[projectiel]] en zijn [[drijflading]]. De uitdrukking is afkomstig van de [[strijdkrachten]] en is via het Frans afgeleid van het [[Latijn]]se ''munire'': voorzien.
Tot munitie kan tevens worden gerekend: [[bom (wapen)|bommen]], [[granaat (munitie)|granaten]], [[mijn (explosief)|mijnen]], [[torpedo (wapen)|torpedo's]], hoewel b.v. een granaat slechts een onderdeel (projectiel) van munitie is.
*Small projectiles, like those fired from [[rifle]]s and [[handgun]]s (collectively known as small arms), are called [[bullet]]s.
*A "round" is a unit of ammunition per person firing; for small arms this is the combination of bullet, propellant, primer and cartridge case.
*Large [[caliberKaliber (wapen)|Kaliber]] [[gun]]s often fire explosive-filled projectiles known as [[shell (projectile)|shells]], the equivalent non-explosive projectile is a ''shot'' (see [[artillery]]).
*Large numbers of small projectiles intended to be fired all at once in a single discharge are also called shot; hand-held guns designed for this type of ammunition are generally known as [[shotgun]]s.
*[[Dud]]s are ammunition that fail to work as intended.
== Storage ==
=== Historical (circa World War I) ===
[[ImageBestand:M60andsoldierwithammoinnam.jpg|thumb|250px|A soldier mans an [[M60 machine gun]], linked 7.62 mm rounds are draped over the tree]]
These general conditions apply to the storage of ammunition in [[fortress]]es. Here the positions for the [[ammunition dump|magazine]] and ammunition stores are so chosen as to afford the best means of protection from an enemy's fire. Huge earth [[parapet]]s cover these buildings, which are further strengthened, where possible, by [[traverse]]s protecting the entrances. For the purpose of filling, emptying, and examining [[cannon]] cartridges and shell, a [[laboratory]] is generally provided at some distance from the magazine. The various stores for explosives are classified into those under magazine conditions (such as magazines, laboratories, and cartridge stores) and those with which these restrictions need not be observed (such as ammunition and shell stores). The interior walls of a magazine are lined, and the floors laid so that there may be no exposed [[iron]] or [[steel]]. At the entrance, there is a lobby or barrier, inside which persons about to enter the magazine change their clothes for a special suit, and their boots for a pair made without nails. In an ammunition or shell store these precautions need not be taken except where the shell store and the adjacent cartridge store have a common entrance; persons entering may do so in their ordinary clothes. A large work may have a main magazine and several subsidiary magazines, from which the
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