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Hello, Your bot made several mistakes like these: [http://nl.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sjabloon%3AGAB&diff=16030608&oldid=12909255]. Please stop editting in the template namespace, because puting interwikilinks on templates gives to much problems. If you continue, your bot will be blocked. Greetings - {{Gebruiker:Romaine/Handtekening}} 14 mrt 2009 15:53 (CET)
== Namespace ==
Your bot is running in the user (gebruiker:) namespace. There are several reason why people don't want bots in that namespace. Please stop your bot with editting on userpages. I ask a administrator to stop your bot if you don't do it.
Best regards,
[[Gebruiker:Abigor|Abigor]] 15 mrt 2009 20:59 (CET)