Kunstformen der Natur: verschil tussen versies

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[[Afbeelding:Haeckel Discomedusae 8.jpg|thumb|TheDe 8th8ste printeditie, [[Discomedusae]]. TheDe twotwee centercentrale imagesfigren arezijn ''Desmonema annasethe''; thede tentaclestentakels remindedherrinerden Haeckel ofaan hishet latelange wife'sgolvende haar longvan flowingzijn hairvrouw.]]
'''''Kunstformen der Natur''''' ([[German language|German]]: ''Art Forms of Nature'') is a book of [[lithography|lithographic]] and [[autotype]] prints by [[Germany|German]] biologist [[Ernst Haeckel]]. Originally published in sets of ten between 1899 and 1904 and as a complete volume in 1904, it consists of 100 prints of various organisms, many of which were first described by Haeckel himself. Over the course of his career, over 1000 [[engraving]]s were produced based on Haeckel's [[sketch (drawing)|sketch]]es and [[watercolor]]s; many of the best of these were chosen for ''Kunstformen der Natur'', translated from sketch to print by lithographer Adolf Giltsch.<ref>Breidbach, ''Visions of Nature'', pp 253</ref>
Image:Haeckel Cubomedusae.jpg|[[Box jellyfish]] (''Cubomedusae'')
Image:Haeckel Decapoda.jpg|[[Decapods]] (''Decapoda'')
Image:Tafel 054 300.jpg|[[Cephalopod]] (''Gamochonia'')
Image:Haeckel Lacertilia.jpg|[[Lizard]] (''Lacertilia'')
Image:Haeckel Nudibranchia.jpg|[[Nudibranch]] (''Nudibranchia'')