Overleg gebruiker:Robotje: verschil tussen versies

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:Thanks for the quick action. - [[Gebruiker:Robotje|Robotje]] 19 jun 2008 16:51 (CEST)
::I thought that they were the same person... Now the IP is correctly [http://es.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Especial:Log&type=block&page=Usuario: blocked]. [[Gebruiker:Muro de Aguas|Muro de Aguas]] 19 jun 2008 17:35 (CEST)
:::Hello. I've protected the IP's talk page; I hope this will stop him, but it's very probably that he'll find another page to put this text. The two people ( and Pling) said that the text has no copyright, or that the poem is enriching Wikipedia, but the first is not true.
:::So, I will block them with a month of duration. I'll watch their talk pages because when the block expires, they can add the poem one more time. Next time, the block will be infinite. Thanks again. [[Gebruiker:Muro de Aguas|Muro de Aguas]] 23 jun 2008 16:38 (CEST)
== Bedankt :( ==