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"References" en "Referencies" in kopjes vervangen door "Referenties"
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k ("References" en "Referencies" in kopjes vervangen door "Referenties")
<ref>{{cite journal |author=Tyrberg B, Andersson A, Borg L |title=Species differences in susceptibility of transplanted and cultured pancreatic islets to the beta-cell toxin alloxan |journal=Gen Comp Endocrinol |volume=122 |issue=3 |pages=238-51 |year=2001 |pmid=11356036}}</ref><ref>{{cite journal |author=Eizirik D, Pipeleers D, Ling Z, Welsh N, Hellerström C, Andersson A |title=Major species differences between humans and rodents in the susceptibility to pancreatic beta-cell injury |journal=Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A |volume=91 |issue=20 |pages=9253-6 |year=1994 |pmid=7937750}}</ref>This drug is, however, toxic to the [[liver]] and the [[kidneys]] in high doses.
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