Overleg:Ali ibn Aboe Talib: verschil tussen versies

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[[:Image:Imam Ali coin.jpg]] is a fake. Not a silver derham. It is a golden dinar . It was used in Iraq, and the image is already used on the 1000 Dinar Note. [http://cbiraq.org/cbs5_a.htm The Central Bank of Iraq] clearly states in the '''1000 Dinar Note''' section that the coin is called a Dinar not a Dirham and it is made of gold not silver.
:::'''A gold dinar coin, used in this region until superseded by more modern coins and notes.'''
I have removed the image from the article. I am not sure about the text as I can't read it. Please make sure that the needed text change is done. Thanks --[[Gebruiker:Tarawneh|Tarawneh]] 2 feb 2008 08:0410 (CET)