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your bot deleted my additon to articelBewerken


first of all sorry for my bad english. It is difficult for me to write in this language.

I added a in my opinion usefull weblink to http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flughafen_Jerez. It contains more information than in the articel (connections of aiport with bus, street...). Your bot deleted it.

Compared with the other weblinks this page contains additional information in German laguage and less advertisment. Please check the work of your bot.



Dear Patricia, I have checked my bot: [1] is its addition of the eu interwiki. Your change is done via IP-adress and then follows the deletion of the weblink [2] by Diba. My bot has nothing to do with that, but hey, no problem. I will put it on Diba's OP.

 Groucho NL overleg 30 mrt 2010 18:07 (CEST)

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