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Hi DerHexer - welcome here from a Dutch colleague. Let me know when you need contact about cross-wiki vandalism since I have the same pet-peeve as a sysop here. Greetings, Symbole-faune.png MoiraMoira overleg 24 okt 2007 22:05 (CEST)

Hehe, thank you! By the way, I'm working at meta:SWMT. Regards, DerHexer 25 okt 2007 23:49 (CEST)

Just a small question

Hi DerHexer,

Does suprema a situ mean beste door positie positie might also be locatie (English is Supreme by position). What do you think? I ask you this because my Latin is... rusty at best, and my medical Latin is better. Dqfn13 (overleg) 25 feb 2014 22:57 (CET)

Depends on the context. “From the highest place” is suitable too. Cheers, DerHexer (overleg) 25 feb 2014 23:16 (CET)
It is the motto of the coat of arms of Wellington, New Zealand. As can be seen here. Dqfn13 (overleg) 25 feb 2014 23:58 (CET)
“supreme by position” fits as well as “supreme by location” as situs means boths. Thus, it's either the good position of the city in the world or the good area of the place. Cheers, DerHexer (overleg) 26 feb 2014 00:08 (CET)


Hi DerHexer, in case the language barrier might pose a problem for the users currently without a SUL account, there are a couple of Dutch-speaking users (Savh, SPQRobin, Taketa, Trijnstel and me) who have indicated here (at the old page for requesting account renames) they can be contacted if help is needed. Just so you know.   Please let me know if you'd like me to translate your message. Kind regards, Mathonius 5 jan 2015 14:00 (CET)

You can watch my edits and offer your help. Highly appreciated. :-) Cheers, DerHexer (overleg) 5 jan 2015 14:02 (CET)

Deleting old wikipedia page

Hi DerHexer Can you help me? A former bandmember made a wikipedia page a few years ago and he won't give us the login id to delete or edit the page. We want to edit the page or even make a new one. Can you help us?? Thanks – De voorgaande bijdrage werd geplaatst door SanderCamps (overleg · bijdragen) 6 jan 2015 20:14‎

Hi Sander, these questions have been answered at the help desk. Further questions will probably be answered there as well. Regards, Mathonius 6 jan 2015 20:52 (CET)

Global account

Dear DerHexer,

I suppose I realized my global account, but I'm not certain. Will you please check? Thanks, Piero (overleg) 13 jan 2015 15:59 (CET)

According to Special:CentralAuth/Piero, you only merged your nlwiki account. Do you have other usernames on the remaining projects like for exaple commonswiki? Once we stewards have an account merge tool which is expected for late January 2015, we could merge your names as long as they all have completed global accounts. If any of the other Piero accounts are yours, you can merge them by submitting their passwords on Special:MergeAccount. Please ping me once you're done so that I can rename these accounts that are usurable according to m:Usurpation policy. Cheers, DerHexer (overleg) 13 jan 2015 16:13 (CET)
No accounts on the name "Piero" but "Pierotreruote" on commons and "sidecardogbobo" on wikidata. Is this only about the accounts named "Piero"? Piero (overleg) 13 jan 2015 20:04 (CET)
Piero Yes, that's what I meant. As soon as we stewards can use the account merge tool and you have two or more completed global accounts, I can merge them very easily. Cheers, DerHexer (overleg) 13 jan 2015 23:47 (CET)
So we're done for now?Piero (overleg) 14 jan 2015 10:58 (CET)
Unfortunately yes. Cheers, DerHexer (overleg) 14 jan 2015 11:24 (CET)

Hello DerHexer, i have activated my global account for the Dutch, German and English Wikipedia. Hopefully everything is alright, Greetings, Peters01 (overleg)..... Peters01 19 jan 2015 18:06 (CET)

@Peters01 I've usurped all local accounts per m:Usurpation policy as they had no visible edits. Your global account is now completed. :-) Cheers, DerHexer (overleg) 19 jan 2015 19:17 (CET)


Dear DerHexer,

I have a global account, but it's blocked by a local admin :-( User:ZeaForUs The username Patio on e.g. Wikipedia in Afrikaans is not me. Now what? Easiest would be unblock ZeaForUs as requested at our Arbitragecommissie. Thoughts?  Klaas|Z4␟V:  12 feb 2015 22:41 (CET)
If you suggest something, then be completely honest to DerHexer about what happened. You were blocked for abuse of sockpuppets and you then used the escape clause. When asked which account you wanted to use, you chose to use your non-SUL account Patio and not you SUL account ZeaForUs. Mbch331 (Overleg) 18 feb 2015 10:01 (CET)
Trying to influence justice, Mbch331? The question is if I was abusing my sockpuppet. Only ArbCom will decide if it was and if so an unlimited block was justified in this specific case. We'll see sooner or later. Kind regards from   Italië,  Klaas|Z4␟V:  18 feb 2015 10:43 (CET)
Not at all. Just telling what happened. I'm only giving the facts. I'm not telling whether you were abusing sockpuppets or not. I'm only saying you were blocked for that reason. And that you made the choice for Patio when using the escape clause. Mbch331 (Overleg) 18 feb 2015 10:47 (CET)
I repeat: To judge is the task of our ArbCom, not your's, soit. Gedane zaken nemen doorgaans geen keer. Perhaps someone sees here an exception that proves the "rule". Kind regards,  Klaas|Z4␟V:  18 feb 2015 19:55 (CET)


Hallo DerHexer,

I have followed your instructions (I think...) and now I have a global account on nl. and en.wikipedia. But not on the others. Now what?

Vielen Dank, Robert (overleg) 12 feb 2015 22:45 (CET)

Is there any more action required for a global account (i.e. the same login on all wiki's)? I'm not sure I've taken all the necessary steps. --Robert (overleg) 16 feb 2015 21:55 (CET)

Thomass =

Dear DerHexer,

I would prefer to use Thomas Jongen as my name for my global account. I would be happy if that was possible. cheers, Thomass (overleg) 7 apr 2019 01:13 (CEST)

@Thomass: Please request your new name at Speciaal:GlobaalHernoemingsverzoek. It will be processed soon after. Thank you, DerHexer (overleg) 15 apr 2019 18:31 (CEST)


Ihnen hab ich hier aber noch nie gesehen! Immerhin, herzlichen Dank für das entfernen von den Namen mit der ganze Adresse darin. Es wundert mich das Ihnen hier noch nie einen auf Deutsch angesprochen hat... Die meisten Benutzer hier können ziemlich gut Deutsch... Equinoxe part5 (Overleg) 18 jun 2019 12:51 (CEST)

@Equinoxepart5: Danke für den freundlichen Gruß. :-) Im Abschnitt davor war ich in mehreren hundert Projekten aktiv und habe dort der Einfachheit halber Englisch verwendet. Dass viele Niederländer gut deutsch verstehen und sprechen, weiß ich. Ich kann es zumindest so lesen, dass ich verstehe, worum es geht. :-) Grüße, DerHexer (overleg) 18 jun 2019 20:48 (CEST)
Und das ist ja auch am wichtigsten, oder? Nie erwartet das sich im NL-Wiki noch mal einer aus dem Deutschsprachigen Gebiet sich hier meldet... Die meiste Deutschen können Fremdsprachen halt nicht so gut. Ich hab' mich schon immer gefragt warum das so ist... Equinoxe part5 (Overleg) 18 jun 2019 20:59 (CEST)
@Equinoxepart5: Weil leider unsere Nachbarländer alle ganz gut Deutsch (oder noch besser Englisch als wir) können. Ich habe Latein und Altgriechisch studiert und kann alle romanischen Sprachen ganz gut lesen; für meine Abschlussarbeiten durfte ich auch einiges auf Niederländisch lesen. Das geht schon so. ;-) DerHexer (overleg) 18 jun 2019 22:02 (CEST)
Ik zal je verder wel met rust laten maar: Bei mir hört's mit so ziemlich akzentfreies Deutsch und fast akzentfreies English auf obwohl die Deutsche Rechtschreibung natürlich die absolute Hölle ist.... Und Holländisch natuurlijk... Equinoxe part5 (Overleg) 19 jun 2019 10:12 (CEST)